Barcelona Challenge Canòdrom announces 5 winners with an impact on city council’s public policy


Barcelona Challenge Canòdrom  is the result of an agreement between the Institute of Culture of Barcelona and Sónar + D, and has the participation of various areas of the City of Barcelona which will facilitate the implementation of the winning projects.

Incubio runs their new Public-Private Incubator with an impact on city council’s public policy that offers the possibility to creatives and artists involved in the creation and implementation of city projects. The 5 areas are  Collaborative Economy, Technopolitics, Economic equality Open data heritage and Artistic innovation

More than 60 teams applied with experience in the field of creation and culture, science and technology or experience in the field of technology applied to the cultural sector and / or science.

The best 15 teams got daily help from technicians, trainers and closely related to the cultural world experts who will give their feedback on the concept of the idea presented and provide information resources and teaching both the conceptual and theoretical level and in aspects technology using lean startup methodology, in order to improve and strengthen the proposals.

After a month of training and development 15 presented the evolution of their applications to the jury, which decided the 5 teams selected for the incubation phase.

  1. Canguifi: Open Source City based on the network of commons.
  2. Juegos del Comun: Connect public agencies that produce open data with the videogames development community
  3. Coterrats: Colaborative platform of and local artists hta prouce innovative events
  4. CerQana: Simplify any Android phone to make it even more easy to use
  5. SUMMA: Videographic archive with experimental performances of music and poetry of Barcelona.

That 5 winners will get Incubation support in the following areas the next 3 months to achieve the viability of the project.

  1. Product design and user experience, co-creation, co-design and wireframing.
  2. Acquisition, activation, retention, virality and user and customer growth.
  3. Production management with agile methodologies and management of development teams.
  4. Cloud deployment and system architecture definition.
  5. Administration (finance, accounting, legal, labor and human resources).

After the Incubation phase, the 5 teams will have access to residency, training workshops and portfolio activities in Canodrom. That phase will have focus on a pilot with the City Council. The municipal committee guarantees the implementation of a pilot project. In that regard, a minimum of 10 interviews will be established with the city council areas involved in the project to help define,  implement it and research for contractual alternatives to ensure the viability of each project chosen.

Public presentation of the 5 projects will be perform inside Sónar + D event from 15 to 17 June 2017.

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