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Challenge Canòdrom Barcelona will open calls in September

Challenge Canòdrom Barcelona is promoting direct partnership between creative communities and the city of Barcelona for the resolution of the specific challenges of the city. In that program five teams will have a 6 month window of opportunity to research and create prototype inside of the Canòdrom Creative Industries Research Park to implement public policies in the region with Incubio’s support. The projects will work on five areas: artistic innovation, techno-politics, citizen science, collaborative economy and open data. The call targets teams involved in the creation and implementation of city projects. The chosen proposals must: – Promote the use of the technologies of the Internet of the future in the field of cultural and creative communities – Promote and disseminate new forms of experimentation based on the creation and use of technology as a means for public participation – Promote research and experimentation in new formats and contents based on cultural and social multidisciplinary environments – Promote research and innovation as an essential process in the field of designing public policy action – Bring to the public the values ​​of innovation and creativity through the use of technology – Place knowledge, science and technology as the core of what has pivoted innovation and the relationship between government, academia, cultural and social communities The announcement of the challenge Canòdrom Barcelona, ​ will be published in September. It is the result of an agreement between the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and Sonar & D. Several areas of the City Council will participate, which will facilitate the implementation of the winning projects. Stay tuned in]]>


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