Announcing Reimagine Drone, our new drone services incubator with Brinc

By November 1, 2016 No Comments

  • €50,000 at the end of the program for those who demonstrate the most traction
  • Upfront financing of €5,000 to cover costs
  • Access to the latest drone prototyping tools and technology
  • 200 hours of on-demand, one to one support on key aspects of their business
  • Multiple points of exposure in Europe and in Asia with the opportunity to exhibit at the Drone Show BCN in March 2017 and pitch at Brinc’s Internet of Life
  • Summit in April 2017 in Hong Kong.
  • Opportunity to network with hardware investors in Asia and meet with the local hardware ecosystem including government and manufacturers during the world’s largest consumer electronics trade shows such as HKTDC and Global Sources.
  • Development of marketing strategy, research and materials through our in-house research center
  • Highly-customized support to help successfully build a go-to market strategy and test it
  • To receive more information or to apply, please visit reimaginedrone.com]]>