Do you think outside the box? Imagine what you could do with us. At Incubio we offer you much more than work, we offer you the chance to enjoy what you do. With the cutting edge experience you’ll get at Incubio, you could become an authority in your field or even pave the way for an entirely new industry. Incubio offers flexibility, creativity, growth, technical teams, recognition, being part of projects from the start, stock options… and good times! 😉

“Choose a job that you enjoy and you’ll never work a day in your life.” -Confucius

Startup Specialist with experience working with startups in any of that fields:

  1. Technology: strategy, path, problems and all or part of the “build”
  2. Fund raising: contacts, introductions, successful presentations
  3. Legal: formation, intellectual property, deals, partnership agreements
  4. Financial: accounting, structure, pro formas, tax planning
  5. Branding: messaging, website, videos, microsites, pitches, sales tools
  6. Interim Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): strategy, lead gen, revenue,
  7. Interim CEO: business and go-to-market plan/models, management
  8. CTO-for-hire: high level tech troubleshooting and management
  9. Recruiting: search; building your team; organizational structure
  10. Risk management: assessment of risk/liabilities; insurance

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